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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The best skin product

Readers keep asking me, what is the best skin product out there?

The honest answer I can give you is that, there is no "best" because everyone's skin is different and different products work differently.

Then another question crops out : Which do you think is the best skincare product?

So, the brand I think that's the best is Max Factor

Max Factor's range, SK-II uses pitera to achieve that youthful and translucent looking skin

I have several relatives who use this product (SK-II facial treatment essence), and trust me, they have really healthy skin!

If you really want to use SK-II, but you have no money, just get the facial treatment essence (the so-called miracle water). I don't think you can achieve much by buying the cleansers anyway.

So here's the price if you are interested :

For small bottle (75 ml) = RM 187
For big bottle (150 ml) = RM 298

(Note that the price might change from time to time and places to places)

And if you're wondering, NO, I'm not a Max Factor SK-II promoter.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I remember when I was in the Gardens with a friend of mine Linda.

All of a sudden Linda asked, "Hey Clyde, why don't you get something from Armani Exchange and ditch your F.O.S. ones?"
(Armed with Burberry, Coach, Guess, etc. Linda is quite a high-end girl)

Quite taken aback I said, "But I like my F.O.S. shirts. They're cheap and comfy. Plus AX is so expensive, how can I afford one?"

Then Linda was like "It's an investment! Girls like AX. AX is gonna get you SEX!"

obviously flabbergasted, I just gave her the "What the eff?" look

Determined to make her point, she stressed "It's true. AX equals SEX!"

Lost for words, I thought to myself, "Well, at least it rhymes"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Chun Li is a legend

Everyone know who Chun Li is (even my sister). The lightning fast kick girl in her azure suit, Chun Li is probably the most famous female character in the world of video games.

Go to ANY cosplay party and you'll see Chun Li

So what is the deal with this hot chick anyway? What makes her stand above the rest?

After all, Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui is wayyy hotter than her

The fact that many are unaware of is that, Chun Li is the first female playable character in the genre of fighting games (making her first appearance in Street Fighter II : The World Champion)

Owing to that fact, Chun Li has become a symbol, a source of inspiration for women power. So beautiful but deadly, Chun Li serves as a reminder that there is nothing men do that women can't do

In Street Fighter II, Chun Li enter the Street Fighter tournament as an undercover Interpol agent. Her job was to investigate on Shadaloo (the organizer of the tournament whose leader was M. Bison) while having her own motives to do so; that is to avenge her father who was killed while investigating Shadaloo

So she's the first of her kind, and she's got an interesting background, but what else makes her so memorable?

Her character design

If you were to take a close look how well Chun Li's character is designed, you'll realize that Chun Li was never designed to be played and forgotten, but to create an IMPACT

Everything about Chun Li is special and unique, from her modified qipao to her hair tied in ox horns. And because of her outstanding traits, Chun Li will always withstand the test of time, and remain as one of fighting games' most influential characters

BTW, I am very very very disappointed and angry with the movie "Street Fighter : Legend of Chun li" starring Kirstin Kreuk

The whole story was stupid and really, Kirstin Kreuk acting as Chun Li? Who the eff are you kidding?

She looks nothing like a Chun Li!

and fair enough, Chun Li's reputation somehow managed to crumble along with her career

Kirstin Kreuk as Chun Li?!

The Eff?!

Its a Scandal!

Everyone knows that Chun Li is chinese. And Kirstin looks about as chinese as Eddie Murphy

Hollywood can be so frustrating at times.

You don't see Beyonce acting as Marilyn Monroe do you?

Nor do you see Britney Spears acting as one of the sisters in Dream girls

Seriously, if anybody should be Chun Li, I believe it should be Zhang Ziyi

And definitely not that Kreuk girl

Saturday, September 3, 2011

That's fugly

I'll be really honest in this post

This is the ugliest most eff-ing shoe I've ever seen in my entire life

It looks entirely ridiculous.

I'd rather be caught wearing a bra than that thing


Hump (noun) : the slower, the better

Hump (verb) : the faster, the better

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Travel Companions for your skin

Ok, I've got to admit that I do enjoy travelling, but I don't for some other reasons.

I dislike the journey there (being cramped in a car/train for long hours is not what I'm quite fond of)

And what I HATE the most is that going on vacations, always result in me having breakouts

The lack of sleep, insufficient intake of water, change in environment, etc often takes a toll on my skin

A few pimples keep popping up every now and then when I'm off for holidays, which can be really frustrating

So before I go, I make sure that I bring along some stuffs in case of skin emergencies (which are very likely to happen anyway)

Aiken's 100% tea tree oil is purely made out of tea tree oil. Undiluted and no preservatives added. Rub a drop in circular motion on affected areas and the pimple/acne might dry up in just a night. If you're lucky, it might disappear in a day

Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Mask, is another product I will never go travelling without. Sudden changes to the environment such as climate can easily irritate your skin. That's when this product comes in handy. Just apply it on your face after cleansing and toning for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off. This miraculous mask helps reduce redness and fight pimples at the same time.

The Be'fas Facial Mask is another travel companion that I've grown fond of. Containing very high concentrations of glycerine, aloe vera extract, hyralunoic acid, etc, this facial mask is capable of locking in loads of moisture (especially useful when all that travelling under the sun, long journeys with the air-conditioners are stripping the moisture off your skin)

Last but not least, the Vaseline Healthy Sunblock with SPF 30 and PA ++. Being under the sun, you need proper protection against the harmful UV rays (click here to find out more) However, if you're going to be in a beach / water theme park for the whole, do reapply your sunblock every 2 hours as water can strip them off easily (even if they are labelled waterproof) 

And of course, I'll bring along my loyal set of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Couldn't face a day without them ;)

So if you have sensitive skin like me, you might want to get some of these before you go travelling in case of some skin SOS. They'll surely lend you a hand in zit-busting